Building Your Law Firm with Attorney SEO and Lead Gen

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When prospective clients are searching for an attorney, 21.9 percent start with a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, according to Lawyer SEO (the leader in search engine optimization for attorneys). If you’d like to get that traffic, optimizing your online presence is important. SEO is critical to converting online searchers into prospective legal clients.

In part one of this Legal Promotion String, uncover four top tips as it pertains to SEO for attorneys provided by Senior SEO Analyst Antionio Stanzo. Before working for Lawyer SEO, Antonio spent a lot of his time in legal Digital marketing, working only with top lawyers across the country. He specialized in Twitter marketing and LinkedIn marketing (which is currenlty one of the top ways for attorneys to get leads).

Antonio recommends that law firms put a focus on a few simple areas of their SEO compaign. Here are some of the things that he recommends you try:

Target Local Key Words – This means that you target words that apply to your local market.

Safe Inclusion in Google Places and Other Local Directories – This means that you put your business in those directories all throughout the internet.

Silo by Practice Areas – That means that you create pages dedicated to each practice page, and then create mini pages that should go under that.

Optimize the User Experience – This means you should make it easy for the user to be able to call you or find information.

1. Target Local Key Words

Supreme Court

The verdict is in: SEO for attorneys leads to conversions.

According to John Livingstock (lead editor of Livingstock and Barnes), Legal Digital marketing is exceedingly competitive, so if youre just starting out its crucial that you establish your business as a brand and market to your own immediate place. The top experts in the industry agree on this point.

If youre starting from scratch, its crucial that you establish your expectations accordingly, said Antonio. Youre not likely to come in and start ranking for Los Angeles personal injury attorney immediately. Start thinking in terms of years if youre attempting to rank for such a highly competitive term. The very essence of what a lawyer is will lie in your SEO work.

In the interim,, set your views on local traffic. Lets say youre a personal injury attorney serving clients throughout Southern California. Youre based in Thousand Oaks, a city in Ventura County (neighbor to La County). Though youll eventually target Ventura County personal injury attorney and after, Los Angeles personal injury attorney, when you begin optimizing, goal keyword phrases like:

Thousand Oaks accident attorney

Thousand Oaks law firm

Personal injury attorney Thousand Oaks

Your best shot at early success would be to capture the traffic in your city, Antonio said. Targeting more competitive regions should be part of your long-term plan, but it should really be performed after youve ensured branded traffic and start to rank conspicuously for hunts close to your physical place.

2. Inclusion in Google Places as well as Other Directories

Another measure when it comes to thinking locally is securing inclusion in Google Places as well as other local directories. Creating a local listing in Google Places permits your law firm to appear conspicuously about the SERP, within Google Maps and in the Local Carousel.

You need to rank in those maps for the immediate area. Getting into maps is definitely going to be an important source of traffic, said Antonio. Optimize your neighborhood listings and invest time plus money to locate and get inclusion in every one of the leading attorney directories on the world wide web. The citations you assemble will help your listing rank more conspicuously and typically the most popular attorney directories on the internet may be a valuable source of traffic.

Screenshot of attorneys listed via Google Places.

Win this prime SERP real estate with the optimized Google Places local listing. Securing inclusion in Google Places is a best bet as it pertains to SEO for attorneys.

Follow this step by step guide to generate and optimize your personal Google Places local listing.

3. Silo by Practice Areas

Its imperative that law firms silo their sites according to practice places.

Commit plenty of content to your own practice places. People who are searching for lawyers are doing research, therefore the more info and insight you can provide about your practice and expertise, the better your chances of ranking for diverse terms are, Antonio described.

Siloing will differ for every single law firm, but in general, Antonio recommends building silos predicated on practice areas, for example:


Grand Theft


Family Law Attorneys


Bicycle Accidents

Traumatic Brain Injury

4. Enhance the User Experience

Directing traffic to your own web site is great, but its not the end goal the end goal is converting visitors into clients, which wont happen unless your site is impressive, professional and educational. That’s why Antonio and his team specialize in getting personal injury leads for their clients.

A law firms site should really be focused on capturing the people who are vetting you, said Antonio.

Who’s vetting you? As well as the 21.9 percent of individuals who started their hunt for a law firm with a search engine, Lawyernomics reports there’s additionally the 55.7 percent of individuals who were referred to your business by word of mouth after the referral, theyre going to visit a law firms site. If your web site is less than high quality, you risk losing that potential client.

A decent online advertising effort can do wonders for your practice, but the focus of your website should really be on conveying trust and expertise. You want to make sure your website speaks to visitors and compels them to contact you, said Antonio.

What should a high quality law firm site include?

Case studies


Lawyer bios

An informative blog

Participation things

Press coverage

In conclusion, we recommend the above as it is the advice of the real professionals in the SEO industry. Any attorney should apply what they’ve learned here for better success.